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摘要: 2021-3-17安大略省科学顾问周二警告说,安大略省已经进入第三次COVID-19浪潮,因为传播性更强的病毒变种占新病例的近一半。来源:Canadian PressTORONTO — Ontario has entered the third wave of COVID-19 as more ...

来源:Canadian Press

TORONTO — Ontario has entered the third wave of COVID-19 as more transmissible virus variants account for almost half of new cases, the province's science advisers warned Tuesday.
多伦多消息 - 安大略省科学顾问周二警告,安大略省已进入第三次COVID-19浪潮,因为传播性更强的病毒变种占新病例的近一半。

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table said new data shows variants of concern are now driving pandemic growth, accounting for 733 of 1,489 total cases on March 15.
安大略省COVID-19科学咨询小组(Science Advisory Table)说,新数据表明,新冠病毒变种现在正在推动大流行病的增长,截止3月15日,在1489例总病例中占733例。

The group, which provides independent advice and analysis to the Progressive Conservative government, said that growth is taking place across the province.

"So, here we are: Ontario's Third Wave," the group posted to social media Tuesday. "Sadly, we are in fact 'all in this together'. Ontario is organized into 34 public health units; almost two-thirds are now experiencing exponential growth of (COVID-19)."
该小组周二在社交媒体上发布了消息:“安大略省的第三次浪潮来了”  “令人遗憾的是,我们实际上是“谁也躲不开”。安大略省将全省划分为34个公共卫生部门(区域);近三分之二的区域的COVID-19正在以指数级增长。

The findings come a day after the province's top doctor said that Ontario could be going into a third wave but the extent of it was still developing.

"You can always tell you're in it after it's over," Dr. David Williams said Monday. "I would say we are into that base of a third wave. What does that mean, how big it is, that's to be determined."
戴维·威廉姆斯(David Williams)博士周一说:“你总是在结束以后才能发现自己经历了什么。” “我会说我们正进入第三波的基础。这意味着什么,它有多大,尚待确定。”

Premier Doug Ford said Tuesday that he will wait for Williams' advice on the matter, but stressed people must continue to follow public health guidance even as more vaccines are administered.
总理道格·福特(Doug Ford)周二表示,他将等待威廉姆斯对此事的建议,但他强调,即使注射更多疫苗,人们也必须继续遵循公共卫生指导。

"We can't let our guard down for a second," he said. "We have to be very, very cautious moving forward."
他说:“我们不能放松警惕。” “我们必须非常非常谨慎地前行。”

Canada's chief medical officer of health said Ontario has come to an "inflection point" in the pandemic after the province seemed to bring its second wave under control.

"What happens from this point on actually depends on the actions that are taken, as to whether this is a little bump or whether things might take off," Dr. Theresa Tam said.

The Ontario Hospital Association said Monday that it believes the province is now in a third wave, citing data from the science advisory group and saying the number of patients in intensive care is trending up.

The CEO of the Ontario Registered Nurses' Association said the government lifted a stay-at-home order too soon, allowing the virus variants to spread.

Doris Grinspun said she fears the province will need to move back into lockdown.
多丽丝·格林斯潘(Doris Grinspun)说,她担心该省将需要重新陷入封锁。

"We need to be zeroing in 100 per cent on the vaccine now because this is our saving grace," she said. "We are slow on the vaccines and we are quickly moving into the third wave. It's a colliding disaster."
她说:“我们现在需要集中力量实现疫苗接种百分之百,因为这是我们的救命之选。” “我们在疫苗方面进展缓慢,我们正在迅速进入第三波浪潮。这是一次的灾难性的冲击。”

The new data comes one day after the province launched a new COVID-19 vaccine online booking portal and call centre.

The province said Tuesday that 133,000 aged 80 and older booked their COVID-19 vaccine appointments Monday despite technical issues with the website and long wait times to get through to the call centre.

On Tuesday, an additional 21,000 appointments were booked by noon.

Toronto's associate medical officer of health said cases in the city had been plateauing before the current upswing.

Dr. Vinita Dubey said defining the trend as a third wave depends on whether the increase is sustained.
Vinita Dubey博士说,将趋势定义为第三次浪潮取决于增长是否持续。

“The variants are on the rise, that is for sure," she said. "And if we see more cases, you can expect to see then the hospitalizations and deaths to be associated except where people are vaccinated."

She pointed to the effective vaccination effort in long-term care homes and resulting drop in COVID-19 cases.

“Hopefully, as we approach another wave, we will have this protection around some of our most vulnerable to help prevent some of those severe outcomes,” she said.

Ontario reported 1,074 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday and 11 more deaths linked to the virus.

Another 51,579 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were administered in Ontario since the last update.

Also Tuesday, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization said there is now enough "real-world evidence" to show the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is both safe and effective for seniors.

The decision reverses a recommendation made by the body two weeks ago when the panel of vaccine experts said company hadn't included enough people over the age of 65 in its clinical trials.

Ford said the change was good news, but expressed frustration that it comes days after Ontario used the earlier guidance to target distribution of the shot to people aged 60-64 years old.

He said the province will fulfill the commitment it made to people in that age group as it incorporates the new advice.

"It just messes everything up, to be very frank with you," he said. "We have everything set up, get everyone lined up, and all of a sudden, with no notice today, now we can move the goal posts again. So now we have to change everything."
他说:“坦白地说,(这一新决定)把一切都打乱了。” “我们已经准备好一切,让所有人排好了队,突然之间,没有任何通知,现在我们又要挪我们的球门柱。所有都要重新来。”

-来自Holly McKenzie-Sutter的文件。

Shawn Jeffords, The Canadian Press

Chinese translation by Google and edited/verified by WCCA (中文谷歌翻译,WCCA编辑校正)
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